You’ll want hardwood flooring in your Luck home

There are many reasons to want hardwood flooring, but perhaps the biggest one is the distinctive, beautiful look a wood floor gives to any home. There’s a wide assortment of wood species, grain patterns, finishes, colors, and textures, making them versatile enough to work with decor, from traditional to modern and cottage. They never go out of style and last for decades; in fact, they often look better with age. All of those benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

Two kinds of hardwood flooring

The first thing that you’ll need to decide is which version you want. If you are the kind of person who enjoys both beauty and practicality, you might decide on engineered wood flooring. Whether solid or engineered, all wood floors are relatively low maintenance, but solid can be damaged by excess water and shrinks and contracts to adjust to the weather. Appearance-wise, both solid and engineered wood flooring look alike. At the top of an engineered wood floor is your species-of-choice with undertones, knots, grains, and swirls. The difference is underneath, with three or more genuine wood layers combined with a little resin and placed in a crosswise position. As a result, these floors are more stable, better handle water, and installed in any house grade, including basements. Just like solid, they can be sanded and refinished and add value to a property.

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Hardwood flooring and home value

You will see a return on your investment in two ways. First, you could recoup from 80 to 90% of the cost of either solid or engineered, as seen in your property values. So, a home that you purchased for $300K could become $330K. Second, we’re told by real estate agents that people often pay ~2.5% above asking for a home with wood floors, not to mention the visual appeal alone that makes them sell faster.

Elegance, luxury, and low maintenance flooring

These floors have a very tough finish that protects the floors and makes them stain-resistant, so they’ll need daily dust mopping or sweeping with a soft broom and an occasional deeper cleaning; be sure to talk to us first so we can recommend the right cleaner. Wipe spills immediately, use mats strategically to avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, and keep pet nails trimmed. When the floor looks dull or excessively scratched, a refinishing will bring them back to luster.

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