Commercial carpet


Considering commercial carpet for your Luck home or business?

Commercial carpet comes in the same wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns as residential. These rugs are still built to withstand the heavy foot traffic in busy offices, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities. If you have an energetic new puppy, are installing it in a kids' playroom, or have different extra durability needs, this may be something you want to consider. Read further to find out why commercial flooring may be for you.

Residential vs. commercial carpet

First, you need to understand the difference in construction. While residential carpets have cut piles of varying heights, these rugs always have tightly woven short yarns. As a result, these rugs are easier to keep clean and, since there are no long fibers to get tangled up, they are more durable. They are also more cost-effective because they often use budget-friendly fibers, such as olefin, a highly stain-resistant fiber used in the Berber-style carpets often seen in advertising offices and other creative spaces.

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Carpet tiles

There was a time when you’d mainly see these in hotels or some restaurants. Today, more and more are realizing that these budget-friendly and easy-to-install peel and stick tiles are just as stylish for the home and are being installed in playrooms, game rooms, and basements. Sometimes called modular tiles or only "square tiles," these are pieces cut from broadloom, and while their typical sizes are 18 X 18 and 24 X 24, but they can come as small as 12 X 12 or as large as 39 X 39. These squares are durable and somewhat more water-resistant than another carpet because of their backing and tight weave.

With a range of colorful and fun solids and patterns, it’s easy to create your unique design because they can be easily mixed and matched. If one gets stained or damaged, you can easily lift it and replace it, and there’s also a lack of waste. Since broadloom comes in set widths, that means if your installation is even just a few inches short, you'll have to buy the entire roll, but not here.

Your residential and commercial flooring experts in Luck, WI

The biggest advantage of using commercial carpets in a residential space is that they will last longer because they are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic in commercial settings. Even the busiest home won’t see that amount of traffic. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide if commercial carpet is for you. Come into the Jensen Furniture showroom in Luck WI, servicing Luck, WI, Grantsburg, WI, Saint Croix Falls, WI, Frederic, WI, Dresser, WI, Osceola, WI, Amery, WI, Balsam Lake, WI, Webster, WI && Danbury, WI. Remember to ask about your free commercial flooring quote!