Shopping for carpet for your Luck area home

There’s a reason why a carpet installation is, as always will be, the most popular choice among homeowners. Technological advances give us larger color palettes, digital patterning, and never-ending durability and stain resistance capabilities. When you walk into our carpet store in Luck, WI, you’ll be amazed at the hundreds of samples and rolls, all from various mills, with something for every style and every budget. Don’t get distracted, though, and always focus on your needs.

Choose a carpet installation based on the space

Every area has its challenges and priorities. For instance, the bedroom will require a plush, soft place to step on first thing in the morning, and a high pile rug like the shag might be perfect for this low-traffic area. The stairway will need durability, safety, and low maintenance. A low-pile carpet that wraps securely around railings provides a solid foundation for footing, is easy to keep clean, and is more durable would be a better choice for this area where people and pets run up and down all day.

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Understand quality in carpet construction

There are several factors to consider in determining a carpet’s overall quality. Remember, just because it’s thick and heavy doesn't necessarily make it better; in fact, some rugs can be too thick for a specific installation. Look at density, how closely the fibers are tufted together; a good density number is 3,000 to 5,000, depending on the foot traffic. Examine fiber to be sure it meets your durability and stain-resistant needs. If the rug is a high pile, look at the twist; this is a one to six number system that tells how many times a fiber is turned per inch. The higher the number, the less likely the rug is to fray or unravel. A good twist number is five or above.

Choose carpet padding carefully

Padding is an essential component because it protects the rug from the bare floor, eliminates sound, insulates temperature, and provides a more comfortable surface on which to walk. Residential carpet requires a pad between 3/8 and 7/16-inch thick with a weight range between six to eight pounds. Some rugs, such as a Berber, will require thinner padding with a heavier weight.
Luxury carpet in Luck, WI from Jensen Furniture

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