What is the purpose of carpet flooring padding?

What is the purpose of carpet flooring padding?

A lot of people think the entire purpose of padding is to add softness underfoot. While it does, that’s not the point of this vital part of a carpeting installation.

Padding protects the rug from the bare floor. It decreases exposure from foot traffic and the impact from furniture legs.

Carpet remains a popular choice among homeowners. It's elegant and comes with countless benefits.

The proper padding will help it look great and perform well for a long time.

Here’s what else it does

1. Insulates temperature. Padding also has its own R-value, a measurement of installation. It eliminates drafts and can cover up even the chilliest subfloor, like concrete.

Rugs also have an R-value, so the floor covering insulation increases when combined with padding. That saves energy.

2. The padding deadens the sound—the extra cushioning stops the tapping of footsteps, muffled conversations, beeping devices, and more.

3. It makes cleaning easier. The padding raises the rug a bit so the vacuum can get at it better.

What’s it made of?

Padding can be felt, foam or fiber. However, not all padding is the same; some can hurt some types of rugs.

Consult the flooring professionals at the carpet store about the best one for your rug.

Does padding extend the carpet's life?

Yes, it's been shown that padding can double the life of your rug. In addition, some warranties will require it.

Without padding, the carpet is less durable. The backing can separate, fibers fray, and the floor can scratch.

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