Waterproof flooring in a Luck, WI kitchen

Why everyone loves waterproof flooring

Waterproof flooring is going to change your life. It doesn’t matter where you live because we all have those "oops" moments, such as when we drop a glass of juice or a gallon of milk. It’s also stylish enough to look as good in the living room as in the kitchen or bath. Read further to see why waterproof flooring is right for you.

Beautiful designs, highly functional floor

Waterproof vinyl flooring is engineered vinyl that is thicker, more durable, and includes a technologically advanced core, the WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite). These cores will never peel or ripple, no matter how much water there is or for how long. A neighbor was away from home for several weeks only to return to an appliance flood. He had waterproof floors, so he wiped them, and they were good as new.

A lot of people ask us about the difference between WPC and SPC. While they both have the same level of waterproof protection, the feeling underfoot is different. SPC is more rigid and firm like a hard surface; you will think you’re walking on the hardwood. The WPC is warmer, more resilient, and softer.

The beauty of vinyl plank flooring

You will get the same appearance you dream of, with additional performance characteristics when you choose luxury vinyl flooring. Vivid, true-to-life images are taken with digital photography and come in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes. Micro beveling and deep embossing add depth, dimension, and textured features.

A terrific design option is that the material can be cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood; this is called vinyl plank flooring. It can also be cut into square, groutable, tile-sized pieces to echo stone or tile. This flooring is also durable and low maintenance with an installation that can be the fast and uncomplicated floating floor. Here, the pieces click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue.

Transform your Luck area home with waterproof floors

To learn more about waterproof flooring and how it can change both your home and your life, come to Jensen Furniture in Luck, WI. We service Luck, Grantsburg, Saint Croix Falls, Frederic, Dresser, Osceola, Amery, Balsam Lake, Webster, and Danbury and offer free quotes.