Greige carpet flooring in a Luck, WI home

Carpet styles looking into 2022

"Design from the floor up" is the battle cry among designers. Today, many consider the floor the "5th wall," and there's no better way to liven up a room than with the colors of today's carpeting. But, remember, floor covering is also the expression of your style, so look to these two trends to give you the most up-to-date colors.

Bringing the outdoors in

Anything that reminds us of sky, sea, sun, and fauna/floral is popular. That includes blue and dusty pink, the latter being a little more subtle than regular pink and, hence, easier to keep clean. Red hot reds, mustard yellow, any shade of green and neutrals like brown, beige, tan, and reddish-brown fit into rustic decor (and maybe even the newest trend, "eco-chic.")

What is maximalism?

It comes down to this: "More of everything," including carpet colors. This fun trend, which first made a splash in the 1900s, is back and defined by colors that often seem mismatched and even clashing. However, remember that it isn't to be confused with messy or random; it's just about creating a unique style of the things you love; to avoid confusion, consider choosing three favorite colors and repeating them throughout the room. Then, you'll see everything you need and want in our carpet store.

Other popular colors include any shade of gray or gray blends such as "greige," a combination of gray and beige. It's neutral, so it fits into any decor, but it also provides stunning contrast when paired with red or some other bold color. Mustard yellow is sunny, cheerful, and adds warmth to a room. Black is bold, sophisticated, and neutral and can also make a design statement when paired with red, white, yellow, or other colors. Note, though; it may not be a good choice for small rooms.

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